About us

About Bikashsoft

Bikashsoft.com is an Information technology (IT) services provider focused on providing highly scale business solutions to the services And manufacturing sector with innovative advanced methodologies.

Bikashsoft.com is a full-service web design & web development firm. We provide web design, e-commerce solutions, online marketing, and Search Engine Optimization [SEO].

Any web-design work should have the capacity of raising customer's interest in the website and mainly in the kind of service it provides. Unless the layout of the website is attractive the website does not get the stay of visitors on them. Our developers & coders are highly proficient with Object Oriented Programming and ensure high coding standards, documentation & easily maintainability. We follow a strict testing & Quality Assurance procedures to ensure we deliver the highest quality work.

The professional services provided by us include:-
:: Custom Website design and development
:: Wordpress Template Development
:: Redesigning of your website
:: Search Engine optimization (SEO)
:: Domain name registrations
:: Web hosting
:: Maintenance of the website and SEO content

Though we welcome the idea of custom making a website which will be best suited to your business purposes, our team at bikashsoft.com would love to extend their services to clients who feel that their existing websites needs remodeling and is not currently suited to the Search engine Optmization standards of internet marketing.