Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Training in Nepal

SEO Training

SEO is the new boss of the internet era today. An abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, SEO has developed itself as a new course with the promise to turn students to “rockstars”. You are just one step away from having access to goodies related to SEO. Come be a part of Bikashsoft Technology, take a course in SEO and set your career on the right path.

Most SEO skills are non-technical in nature and can be acquired over time at your own pace. You just need a push in the right direction, and Bikashsoft Technology helps provide just that. SEO Training in Biskashsoft Technologies is a throbbing idea, with over 200+ students having reaped the benefits so far. Each one of our students is satisfied with the level of training in SEO received. It is now time for you to do the same.

SEO is the art of optimizing web pages to be found by the search engines. It plays a fundamental job in speeding up the growth of a completely online business, or an offline business. Needless to state, the scope and the demand of SEO experts is huge. Embark on an SEO Training in Bikashsoft Technology and make sure that you establish yourself as the next level of expert in a subject with a high demand and salary rate. Come be a part of us and build a stellar career for yourself; all of this at affordable prices.

Advanced SEO & Internet Marketing -SEO Training:-
On-Page Website Optimization
:: Website Analysis
:: Keyword Research
:: Website Structure Optimization
:: Titles and Meta Tags Optimization
:: Content Optimization
:: Images Optimization
:: Google Analytics
:: Webmaster Tools etc..
Off-Page Website Optimization
:: Link Building
:: Directory Submission
:: Article Creation and Submission
:: Forum and Blog Posting
:: Web / Blog Review
:: Social Media Optimization etc..
:: Internet Marketing
:: PPC Campaigns / Google Adwords
:: Affiliate Marketing
:: PR
:: Email Marketing / Newsletters
:: Client Reporting
(Prior experience required for participation: html, xml, css, php, etc.. knowledge, Advanced SEO Knowledge)

SEO training currently available for organizations & Individual.